How the Council has Let Stanwood Down

  • Spent $60K on a duplicate study. 
  • Made living in Stanwood more expensive by raising property taxes to the maximum, while lowering development fees. 
  • Though Stanwood has a beautiful downtown master plan, only considers this plan as “aspirational”, meaning the city really doesn’t need to follow it. 
  • Cost the city a $60K settlement by mismanaging up the crematorium permit .
  • Raised our taxes in 2019 to the maximum tax rate on inadequate discussion.  Then, in 2020, the city has a revenue surplus!  
  • Against municipal best practice, keep on renewing the city’s legal contract without putting out to bid. 
  • Criminalizes at-home online businesses by adopting substandard business licensing code.  Furthermore, the city committed in 2019 to providing an interpretation guide to correct the code deficiencies, but never kept its promise.  This would merely be unfortunate, if it weren’t for the very real consequences of jail time. 
  • Multiple times pre-pandemic, voted to remove citizen comments.  The council voted to deliberately reduce citizen communications, when the council itself already has a poor record of communicating with citizens. 
  • Let the budget of the Stanwood berm project balloon from $782K, to $1055K, with no corrective follow-ups. 
  • Let the Viking Way project go seven change-orders and 15% over budget, again with no corrective follow-ups. 
  • After George Floyd, the police department committed to a citizen’s committee, to work with citizens.  However, the council has let this promise slide.